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  • Location Maisons-Alfort
  • Translation languages English to German
    French to German
  • Number of translations completed 31
  • Background Depuis 2007 je travaille comme traductrice professionelle. Mes sujets sont surtout le tourisme, le marketing, le textile, les jeux, les aliments, les descriptions de produit etc. Je vous livre une traduction de qualité, et cela toujours dans les temps.
  • Location Maisons-Alfort
  • Translation languages French to English
  • Number of translations completed
  • Background I am from a small town in West Virginia, so probably not the typical expat. I had always wanted to travel from a young age, and visit different countries that I had read about, or seen on TV. Being a painter at the time (I earned a Master’s Degree in Painting), naturally, Paris was the dream destination. I received a Fulbright Grant to be a Teaching Assistant for one year, almost 20 years ago… and I’m still here. I started working at two high schools at Nation (Lycée Arago et Boulle), teaching English. I absolutely loved my first year here, despite the administrative nightmares, so I wanted to stay. It was not easy at all, due to work papers. Just before having to return to the U.S., I found a summer job as a camp counselor for American Village, a linguistic immersion camp for French children learning English, but in France. I worked there for three seasons, eventually becoming a Director. The Internet was just making inroads in France then, so we created an AmVil Online session, where the kids would also learn to create a web page. The company paid half of the tuition for me to follow website creation courses at the American University in Paris to prepare for it. This turned out to be highly beneficial for future work, as well. In the meantime, I had also returned to Paris and been a TA again, at Lycée George Brassens. These first three years also involved a number of return trips to the U.S. because of visa and work permit issues. Having enough of unstable work during the school year, and 24/7 summer camps, I went to the U.S. in 2000 and applied for a “visa de long séjour” to return to France as a freelance worker. After four months of waiting, I received a call from the D.C. Embassy that it was ready. I was returning to Paris – this time, indefinitely! Fortunately, I found a first job within six months as a Graphic Designer, for a manufacturer/deliverer of orthopedic surgery materials. It was also my first experience translating from French to English – and what a horrible experience that was: I had no medical, or translation, background! That only lasted about six months, but I eventually found a job leading group conversation lessons in English (at Konversando), which allowed me to earn some money, while looking for other clients in freelance design work. Konversando closed in 2010 after the unexpected death of its creator/manager. It was extremely difficult to suddenly end a job I had had for ten years, especially in those circumstances, and also instantly have almost no income. It was also a challenging, but enlightening, experience to work together with colleagues to actually create a new activity here, and see it succeed. Four of us did, creating The Talking Tree, which offers group conversation lessons in English. Though still small, we are now in our 6th year. I have had numerous freelance clients over the years, and worked in various places. One rewarding experience I had was working for [email protected] at Paris II University. I was a “vacataire” when I started, and we created online and sometimes offline content for teaching English to first-year students there. I am grateful for that opportunity, because I learned much about online teaching, and creating/running MOOCs, etc. I also gained experience, and some friends for life, in the process. The Director of that program and I worked well together, and on the side, he asked me to collaborate on a series of textbooks for High School/University students here, written in simple English: English Law, American Law, American History and American Civilization… Made Simple. I helped with translation, and creating some content and graphic design. I also translated a book he wrote about Donald Trump into English: Who wants to destroy the Republican Party? I have continued balancing English conversation groups and design work over the years, but eventually started translating more – out of necessity, really. Many of the web sites I designed needed to be bilingual, which became somewhat usual. I’ve been translating “officially” for about seven years now, on topics as varied as recipes, cartoon dialogues, corporate newsletters, music instrument handbooks, urban development, road safety, and a magazine geared toward bearded people.
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