Our Translation Services

Mytranslation is an easy-to-use online translation platform that offers high-quality and fast translation at competitive translation rates.


Starting from $0.07 / word

For non urgent needs, use the Auction service to upload your document to the Marketplace and receive several price and deadline proposals from professional freelance translators around the world. At the end of the auction period, compare translation rates and deadlines, view translator profiles and choose the translator you wish to work with.

  • Compare translation rates
  • Compare translation deadlines
  • Choose a translator
  • Rates according to the language pair and field


Starting from $0.10 / word

For a fast translation, simply upload your document, choose the Express Service and pay for your translation. Your document will be posted to our Marketplace and the first translator available will immediately begin your translation.

  • Fixed translation rate
  • Fast translation deadlines
  • "Urgent" & "Premium" options
  • Rates according to the language pair and field

+ URGENT option

Starting from $0.04 / word

For urgent needs, use the Urgent option which significantly reduces the translation deadline.

Translation Rates in Context

Translation rates depend on the number of words a document contains. The price per word multiplied by the number of words yields the total translation rate. Here are a few examples of prices in contexte for our Express translation service.

  • An Email

    100 word(s) $10.00
  • A Menu

    200 word(s) $20.00
  • A Letter

    400 word(s) $40.00
  • An Article

    1500 word(s) $150.00
  • A Website

    5000 word(s) $500.00

Translation Deadlines

The turnaround time for a translation depends on the number of words in the source document, in addition to the technical nature of the text, the source language and the quality of the document format.

The average turnaround time for a non-technical document in a European language (French, English, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, etc.) can be calculated using the standard rate of 1500 words/day. Mytranslation's calculation formulas are based on algorithms that take into account different aspects of a translation: volume, languages, format and subject area. A turnaround time that is too short is a sign of questionable quality. A turnaround time that is too long is unacceptable. Mytranslation uses algorithms to ensure that you always have optimal turnaround times that meet high quality standards.
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