Translator Charter

Last modifications June 2015

In accordance with this charter, translators who register with Mytranslation, for the entire duration of use of Mytranslation services, agree to:


  • Follow the Mytranslation General Terms of Use, which the translator accepts upon creating his or her user account
  • Uphold French laws and regulations as well as those of his or her country of origin when the latter are not contradictory to the former
  • Provide his or her real identity and contact information
  • Justify his or her language skills by providing a CV
  • Complete language tests within the allotted time limit, without help from a third party, and without using automatic translation
  • Accept without challenge the results of the language tests he or she completes
  • Complete a maximum of three tests per language combination
  • Translate only in language combinations in which his or her native language is the target language
  • Translate out of a maximum of three source languages
  • Translate into a single target language — the translator’s native language
  • Works on a maximum of three translations at a time, except when working in “Auction” or “Hire Me” modes
  • Make a maximum of five proposals at any one time when working in “Auction” mode


  • Not work on a translation request for which he or she does not possess the necessary skills in the indicated field
  • Not use machine translation to complete a translation in whole or in part
  • Follow the formatting, style, and tone used in the source content
  • Comply with the instructions and comments posted by the client prior to translation, if applicable
  • Follow the terminology (if a glossary has been provided), style guide, and terminology database (“termbase”) attached to the translation request
  • Complete the relevant terminology research
  • Fully proofread the completed translation before delivering it to Mytranslation, making sure to have:
    • Used a spellchecker
    • Translated the entire document
    • Faithfully reproduced the formatting of the original document


  • Not work on a translation for which the translator knows he or she is incapable of meeting the specified deadline
  • Meet deadlines for Auction translation projects
  • Meet the translation delivery deadline specified by Mytranslation, namely:
    • The deadline proposed by the translator and accepted by the client for Auction translation projects
    • The deadline set by the platform and calculated according to the Mytranslation algorithm for Express and Urgent translation projects
  • Warn Mytranslation and the client if the translator thinks he or she might be late in delivering the translation


  • Not circulate, publish, transmit, or share the content to be translated that is uploaded by the client for a translation request. In accordance with the terms of Article 226-13 of the French Penal Code, the translator must uphold confidentiality protocols on every project attributed to him or her. At no time may the translator reveal or publish the content of the documents sent to him or her, not even to ask a question on specialised translation forums.
  • Not circulate, publish, transmit, or share content to be translated of which he or she is not the author
  • Not share information with the client that is personal, confidential, or unrelated to the current translation request in the workspace

communication - rules of the website

  • Not contact the client other than through the workspace
  • Not bypass the professional connection system offered by the website by contacting a client directly to complete a translation outside of the website framework
  • Not transmit translated content to the client other than through the website
  • Accept reduced payment if the translation is delivered late
  • Accept or challenge the client’s rejection of the translation within the specified time limits
  • Agree to mediation by Mytranslation if the translator contests the client’s rejection of the translation
  • Accept reduced payment if the dispute is resolved in favour of the client
  • Accept the grade assigned to each translation by the website. The grade is based on a questionnaire submitted to the client once the translation has been delivered.
  • Accept the grade that appears in the translator’s profile. This grade is the average of all the translations done on Mytranslation, including the initial translation test in every language combination.
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