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Translating your website can help you target thousands of potential clients from around the world. The internet provides a new angle on international communication and an affordable way to access new markets. These days translating a website is one of the most cost-effective methods for reaching overseas markets, but this is dependent on the translation being faithful to its content.

The translation of a website is called 'localisation' and includes the translation of all the elements that create a website: content, menus, meta titles ...

This is not a task to be taken lightly: your website is the public face of your company. A translation that is too literal or riddled with errors, linguistic mistakes and cultural misunderstandings, can actually be counter-productive and will drive international visitors away from your site.

To localise a website, it has to be adapted to suit the cultural and linguistic context for the location where your web pages will be viewed: the goal is not to find an exact equivalent for each word, but rather to convey the desired images, feelings and ideas.

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