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Mytranslation is an online platform that offers fast and reliable human translation for your texts and documents. The translators available on the platform are skilled linguists with a deep understanding of both cultures involved in their language combinations. Translating a document cannot be improvised, it is a skill - translators exist since the begin of languages and are the links between communities.

Many computer-assisted translation solutions exist online and it can be very tempting to use a machine translation services to translate your documents. The end result, however, is an overly literal translation replete with errors. The literal translations produced by automatic translation software are based on extensive linguistic databases but they lack the human element that is needed to avoid linguistic mistakes and cultural misunderstandings. Localisation involves adapting to each individual culture. Only a high-quality translation service that uses this method can guarantee that your document's message is properly adapted.

There is no substitute for professional translators; they provide high-quality document translation and prevent unwelcome surprises.With Mytranslation, you can contact translators working in 48 language combinations who are ready to translate your documents.

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