Mytranslation's FAQ page provides answers to the most frequently asked questions encountered by clients or translators on the Mytranslation Platform. Please do not hesitate to inform us at [email protected] of anything else you feel needs to be addressed in order to properly use our translation platform.

Must I have two different accounts on Mytranslation if I wish to be both a client and a translator?

If you wish to use both the client and translator functionalities, you must have 2 seperate accounts.

Is my personal information made available to everybody?

Opening a client account on Mytranslation will not disclose any personal information. Your profile is accessible only when you create a translator account.

Must I deposit money directly on my client account?

You can login to Mytranslation, or create an account without paying for anything. It is only when you wish to have a translation completed that you will need to pay for it through PayPal's secure payment platform.

Can my personal information be used by companies/websites other than Mytranslation?

Mytranslation's internal policy is strict: we will not disclose your personal information for advertising or any other purposes without your prior consent.

How can I be sure of the translation quality?

If you choose the Auction service, the chosen translator is the client's decision. We therefore strongly recommend you view their profiles and grades before choosing a translator, to guarantee a good quality translation. However, if you choose the Express translation service, this gives you access to our best graded translators and Mytranslation guarantees 100% satisfaction or reimbursement.

How is this service different to automated translations available on the internet? (e.g. Google, Yahoo, etc.)

Mytranslation connects human translators with clients. Translations are done by humans and not machines, making the difference of quality and coherence very visible when compared with free automated systems available online.

Can I trust a low-cost translation service?

Mytranslation relies on a community-based principle, bringing together translators and customers while cutting out the middleman so as to offer customers the best possible rates. Mytranslation only works with professional translators and therefore, though prices are low, quality remains high.

How long will my translation take?

If you have selected the Express service, the deadline suggested for the completion of your job is specified on your quotation. If you have selected the Auction service, the deadline corresponds to the offer you have selected.

How much will I pay?

The price depends on the service you wish to have. If you have selected the Auction service, the price that will be debited corresponds to the offer you have picked at the end of the auction period. If you have selected the Express service, the price that will be debited is equal to the number of words at a unit price of 0.09 EUR/word. If you use the Urgent option, there is an additional price of 0.03 EUR/word.

Is it possible to make several translation requests at the same time?

You can post as many translation orders as you wish on Mytranslation.

I would like to have my document translated into several languages; how can I do that?

If all your source documents are in the same language and need to be translated into the same language(s), you can post them with one order. However, if your source documents are in different languages or need to be translated into different languages, you need to have seperate orders.

Is a proofreading service available?

The Mytranslation platform is made to handle translation projects. However, translators can also do proofreading. Therefore, if you have a proofreading request, simply choose “proofreading” in the quotation request and Mytranslation will be notified so as to help set up the project for you.

Can I impose a deadline for my translation?

Deadlines cannot be imposed. Nevertheless, depending on the size of your document, you can browse the Express service and see the suggested deadlines. If the latter does not suit your needs, we then suggest you post your job using the Auction service and specify with in the comments box that only offers for translations delivered before your requested deadline will be accepted.

How can I attach reference documents or glossaries to help the translator work on the translation?

Once a translation project has commenced, you will have access to the Workroom which is a chat system that enables you to communicate with the translator. You can send any additional documents through the Workroom.

What is the translation level of confidentiality?

The documents posted for translation on the Mytranslation marketplace can be viewed by our translators. For the translation of documents containing confidential information, please contact us at [email protected] so that we can set up the project in a way that respects the confidentiality of your document.

Can I choose a specific translator?

The first version of Mytranslation will not allow you to select a specific translator. We are currently putting a service in place that will allow you to choose either directly from the directory or from the list of translators who have already worked on prior projects for clients who were satisfied with their work. However, if you wish to work with a specific translator, please do not hesitate to contact Mytranslation at [email protected] so that we can try and put you into direct contact with them.

Can I delete documents from the site once my translations have been completed?

The source and target documents are yours alone. Once the translation has been completed, you are free to delete all or part of the files you have on your personal area.

Can my balance expire?

Your balance will never expire, you can use it when you wish.

How long will I have to wait once my translation is completed before I can see the document?

Once the document has been translated, you can download it in the "My translations" area of your account. You will then be asked to accept or refuse the translation. If you do not validate or refuse the translation within 72 hours, it will be accepted automatically. If you decide to refuse the translation, we suggest that you give solid arguments supporting this refusal; the Mytranslation support team will verify the foundation of the refusal and decide on what actions to take next.

How can I check the quality of my translation?

If you do not have command of the target or the source language, some elements will enable you to verify in a factual manner the quality of the translation, namely typos, forgetting to translate passages, non conformity with the language, poor terminology, etc.

Can I cancel a translation request and have my account credited again?

As long as the document is on the Marketplace, your account will not be debited and you can go back to the order and cancel it. Once the translation has been accepted by a translator, they will begin the job and you will not be able to cancel your order.

How long do I have the right to expect corrections if I refuse a translation?

This depends on the number of words in the document. Mytranslation will assess the translation and number of words to give you a new deadline as soon as possible.

How is my feedback processed? What is it used for?

Mytranslation has put in place a small algorithm which integrates the various settings of the feedback you send, allowing us to give a grading out of 5 for each translation project that has been completed. A translator's grade is the average of the grades obtained from the various translation jobs he has completed and the language test completed to join the platform.

How can I find out the level of a specific translator?

By viewing a translator profile page, you will have access to their personal information, client comments regarding completed jobs on Mytranslation and their grades.

How can I be sure that a translator will have my document ready on time?

The translator will be credited only when he has delivered on time, so he must make sure not to be late because otherwise your translation order will be assigned to another translator and the original translator won't be paid. A translator's account can also be closed if they don't respect deadlines, it is therefore in their interest to deliver on time.

Can I buy credits at any moment using PayPal?

You may buy credits at any time.

Does a transaction on my PayPal account incur an additional fee?

All transactions, whether debited or credited, will incur the following fees :
- Transactions for amounts below €2,500: 3.4% + €0.25
- Transactions for amounts from €2,500.01 to €10,000: 2.0% + €0.25

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