How can you become a translator for Mytranslation?

To keep up with the increasing demand for translations on Mytranslation, we are inviting qualified professional translators to join us. Day after day, Mytranslation is building its position as a leader in the translation industry. Whether it is as a result of our on-time deliveries or the translation quality, every day our clients show they value us as a reliable intermediary between translators and clients. If you are a professional translator capable of meeting our site's quality requirements and looking for a way to boost your income, all you need to do is complete our free registration and pass a language test. After that, you can begin translating documents right away.

  • 1 Sign up as a professional translator
  • 2 Pass the tests for the languages and subject areas in which you are proficient
  • 3 Work with Mytranslation and earn money

Why become a professional translator with Mytranslation?

Becoming a professional translator with Mytranslation is a great way to make money while enjoying the flexibility to work when you want without even leaving the couch. Set the translation rates and volumes that are right for you and then access the requests that match your requirements.

You control your schedule

As a professional translator for Mytranslation, you work independently, managing your time and your priorities as you see fit. The only requirement is that you deliver each translation on time. Meeting quality standards will help you build a solid reputation through our rating system.

Translate from anywhere

The 2000s brought us the internet and Mytranslation is putting it to good use – To select the translation projects you want to work on, all you need is an internet connection. This kind of work flexibility means you can schedule your time any way you like. You can even work with Mytranslation from your own tropical island paradise if that tickles your fancy!

Request your earnings whenever you want

You can request your earnings as soon as your balance reaches €100. Just give us the address linked to your PayPal account when you register and select 'request payment' from the 'earnings' section of your translator account on Mytranslation.

Frequently asked questions from professional translators

Below is a short list of frequently asked questions from our professional translators - if you are unable to find an answer to your question, please use the contact form to contact Mytranslation.

Once my test is complete, how long will it take to get a response (positive or negative)?

The Mytranslation team receives a large number of tests each day and we aim to mark them as quickly as possible, but it can take up to 3 weeks. You will be notified by email whether you pass or fail.

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I passed my translation test, now what?

Congratulations! All you need to do now is complete your translator profile and select your notification options and then you can start finding work on the Marketplace.

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What if I passed my test and want to start working, but no translation projects are available?

As soon as a translation project is posted on the Marketplace (in the language combination(s) for which you have passed a test), you will receive an email alert. If it is an Auction translation you can submit your best rate and turnaround time. You will then be quickly informed about the client's decision. If it is an Express translation project, and you have a rating of 4/5 or higher, you can take the translation project while it is available on the Marketplace. It is possible that translations may already be assigned when you want to start working. If your rating is below 4/5, you will only receive Auction translation offers. You have the chance to improve your rating by producing high-quality work. Once you have the required 4/5 rating you will once again be able to access Express translations on the website.

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